Semi-Annual Small Business Needs

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What’s in a brand? The key elements of good brand strategy

Good branding is about much more than just a logo – even if the logo is mind-blowing. Here are some of the things that go into an overall branding strategy Your audience Who are you selling to? Whose pain are you trying to solve, and how? Where can you find these people, and what do […]

Why do you need a content marketing agency?

Most people wouldn’t attempt to design their own logo, or code their own website. However, many business owners believe that they can handle their own marketing content. We get it – everyone can write, and many of us are pretty good at it. However, creating marketing content is a skill all on its own, involving […]

Three quick ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Even if you know your target audience inside and out and have a killer product or service they’ll love, you might still have trouble differentiating yourself from your competitors. Here are three quick ways you can stand out in a crowded marketplace – try them today! Identify a sub-niche that’s less crowded. If you’re running […]