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Three quick ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Even if you know your target audience inside and out and have a killer product or service they’ll love, you might still have trouble differentiating yourself from your competitors. Here are three quick ways you can stand out in a crowded marketplace – try them today!

  1. Identify a sub-niche that’s less crowded. If you’re running a yoga studio, for example, you probably can’t swing a cat without hitting fifteen of your competing studios. So why not try and identify a sub-niche that you can target? Maybe you can become your city’s #1 yoga studio featuring classes set to classical music, or offering classes specifically for those with chronic pain.
  2. Poll your top clients or customers. Every brand has a superfan, so why not ask yours to help you? Asking your audience for marketing help might seem counterintuitive, but they might have unique insight you just can’t see. Try a simple three-question survey asking a few loyal customers what they perceive your unique difference to be, what you do better than anyone else, and if there’s anything they wish you would do differently.    
  3. Get inspired by different industries. It’s undeniable that Apple products have a distinctive, sleek style that many people are loyal to. But did you know that Steve Jobs was inspired by the clean and simple design of mid-century modern homes? Think of some things that other, unrelated industries are doing that you admire. How can you incorporate some of those principles into your own business?

These are just three ways you can stand out in a crowded marketplace. Want more ideas? Contact Sliiick Communications today – we can help!

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